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Southern Illinois Meth Control

Kid's Care Packs

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Here's a Way for You, Your Family, Church or Civic Group to Help Immediately

Meth labs are often seized in homes where small children live.  These little ones have usually been subjected to dangerous poisons and neglect from parent's consumed by the drug.  When a meth lab is busted, the children removed from the home are scared and confused about what's going on.  They have to leave immediately for safety reasons and can't take their toys or clothes with them because they are contaminated with dangerous chemicals.
Members of the Meth Control Coalition are joining with Southern Illinois Regional Social Services, Project X, and the SIH Mission and Values Teams to collect donations and assemble "Kid's Care Packs" to comfort these children whose world has been turned upside down through no fault of their own.  Project X Liaison Tamara Gowin is organizing the effort and welcomes anyone who wishes to get involved to review the following list and provide whatever materials they can.  We encourage donations to be unisex and not size specific so that any child in that general age category can use it.  The following is a list by age groups:
0-18 Month Care Pack
Baby Blanket
Wet Wipes
Baby Bottle
Teething ring & pacifier
Toiletries (baby lotion, powder, bath soap, and shampoo)
Snacks (juices, small boxes of cereal)
One set of new unisex clothing (sleepers, t shirt, sweat pants, socks)
Small comfort item (stuffed animal, toy or book)
Back pack
10 Months to 3 Years Care Pack
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Wet wipes
One set of new clothing (sweat pants and shirt, t-shirt)
Snacks (juice, cookies, cereals, fruit snacks)
Toy (stuffed animal or toddler toy)
Small Blanket
Back pack
4 Years to 12 Years Care Pack
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Comb or Brush
One set of new clothing (sweat suit, t-shirt)
Games (coloring book, small box of crayons, word search, cards, stuffed animal, or other activities)
Snacks (juices, cookies, fruit snacks, etc.)
Small Blanket
Back Pack
Please make sure all items are new and can fit in the back pack.  Contact Tamara Gowin at (618) 457-6703 Ext.356 for more information and to coordinate donations.
Thank you for your generosity!